2024 Australian of the Year nominee

Prof Alan Andersen

A world-leading ant community ecologist, Professor Alan Andersen’s scientific and community endeavours in the Northern Territory have benefitted the land and its people.

Ants are considered key bioindicators of ecological change. That’s why Alan’s research has proved vital to understanding the effects of disturbances such as mining, burning, invasive species and climate change.

Alan’s expertise has created a better understanding of the territory’s biodiversity assets, improved management of fire and invasive species, deepened Indigenous engagement in land and water management, and helped develop economic opportunities in the emerging carbon economy.

The professor is also an engaging speaker with the gift of explaining complex science to laypeople. He frequently attends conferences, sits on advisory panel, and speaks to the media.

Alan is the first Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science from the Northern Territory, the author of five books and over 260 scientific publications, and has over 20,000 career citations.